His parents were once disciples of the Shadow Moon Palace who unexpectedly lost their lives while out on a mission, leaving behind the merely seven year old Yue Yi and his three year old sister. After their parents died, Yue Yi and his sister were adopted by Elder Yue, to become Elder Yue’s grandson and granddaughter.

Initially, when Yue Yi was just adopted by Elder Yue, he had not felt that there was anything amiss. Although Elder Yue was advanced in age, he was highly amicable and benevolent, and he treated his sister very well too.

Till one day when Yue Yi was summoned alone into Elder Yue’s room. He became the vessel that Elder Yue vented himself upon, and as Yue Yi grew older and his powers increased, he still did not have any chances of breaking free from it, because his very own sister, was under the grasp of Elder Yue’s hands.

For so many years, Yue Yi had been willing to endure everything, only because Elder Yue had never raised a hand against his sister, and that was the only one thing he cared about in life. As long as his sister was held under the grip of Elder Yue, Yue Yi would never be free in this life.(chapter 1663)