Ring Forgers are extremely scarce in numbers and each of the Twelve Palaces employed their own Ring Forgers. The more powerful the Ring Forger himself was, the more power added to the spirit rings he forged. The forging of spirit rings is in essence, employing a special method, to amplify a spirit form’s power. The process is called Spirit Reinforcement.

The flame of a ring forger is called Soul of Flame and only responds only to a specific genetic line, who are called Ring Forgers. This flame is placed in a container, Fan Zhuo has been placed in a bronze sphere. The flame produced no heat to humans, however towards spirits forms it will inflict unbearably high temperatures. All Ring Forgers, would never touch the Soul of Flames physically. Even when it would not cause any damage to their souls, it would nevertheless cause their own to become highly irritable and be unable to calm down, or to properly control their spiritual powers to properly carry out the forging of the spirit ring.